Minnie & Mona Play Dead

Photos by Jamie Breen (Very Serious)



WINNER  **Arielle Gray - BEST EMERGING ARTIST** Perth Fringe World Festival 

“Minnie and Mona is very funny, very fierce and very sad; it's a finely cut festival gem.” The West Australian 

“[Minnie and Mona] is funny, sad, challenging and beautifully delivered. It rang true with heartfelt performances and is a universal story that would travel well to just about any festival” Festival Award Judges

“…in Bezard and Gray, they have two of the town's most intelligent and fearless actors to work with….” The West Australian 


An independent theatre company struggle to stage the final work an award-winning playwright penned before his unexpected death. Can his final play be staged tactfully and tastefully? Is dousing an actor in petrol too much?  

The play within a play, Minnie and Mona Play Dead, tells the story of two friends: one wants to make believe they're cheeky unicorns, and the other wants to die. Like... really die.  

Through a sly combination of autobiography, slapstick and satire, Minnie and Mona Play Dead delves into the rough ground unearthed when everyone around you wants to leave. Forever.  

Minnie & Mona Play Dead was previously performed as part of The Blue Room Theatre’s Summer Nights 2013 and the Edinburgh Fringe 2013.


Written by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Devised with Arielle Gray, Gita Bezard and Kathryn Osborne

Directed by Kathryn Osborne

Featuring Arielle Gray and Gita Bezard

Designed by Alissa de Souza