Natalie is a producer, performer and theatre-maker. She has extensive experience producing independent award-winning theatre in Perth.

She made her writing and directorial debut at Fringe World with Breathe In (2011) and then co-created and performed in Hello Boys (2013) and Flushed (2014.)

She has produced for Bow & Dagger (West of The Moon, 2017, The Beast and The Bride and Tale of Tales, Best Production, The Blue Room Theatre, 2018), Second Chance Theatre (Josephine! 2018 and Laika: A Staged Radio Play, Best Production, The Blue Room Theatre 2017), The Boston Curse (Threshold, Audience Development Award, The Blue Room Theatre, 2018) and Renegade Productions (Renegade Church: Sexy Awesome Death Cult Creative Development, Unveiling: Gay Sex for Endtimes, and Medusa 2018). 

More recently she has produced Finn O'Branagain's Text Roulette as a part of Fringe World 2019. Natalie also has event coordination, venue management and administrative experience through the Perth Theatre Trust.