Old Love

Images by Jamie Breen (Very Serious

Originally supported by the Blue Room Theatre in 2015


From Chris Isaacs, writer of Flood and co-writer of FAG/STAG comes a new work about new love.

Rob’s pretty smitten with Florence, and it’s easy to know why.

She’s full of kindness and honesty, looks at him when he speaks, holds herself well in different crowds, dresses beautifully, can speak four languages, is well-read and well-travelled, cares for her friends, helps the disadvantaged, and even knows the difference between ‘there’, ‘their’ and ‘they’re’.  She sings and dances and lives and loves and never through any of it loses herself.  She is close to being the perfect woman…

And she’s twice Rob’s age.

"Gray and Bartlett both deliver electric performances."  - The West Australian

"There is some real talent in town and right now they are on stage until May 2." - 720 ABC Perth

 "Director Jeffrey Jay Fowler treats us to an exquisitely timed collection of awkward moments that ring just a little too true to life for comfort. ★★★★" - ArtsHub

"Old Love is challenging, thoughtful, witty, and insightful, and will change the way you think about not only ageing, but love." - Great About Perth

"...simultaneously poignant yet incredibly easy to watch." - Rotunda Media


Writer: Chris Isaacs 

Director: Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Producer: Kathryn Osborne

Dramaturg: Gita Bezard

Designers: Adriane Daff and Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Sound Designer: Brett Smith 

Lighting Designer: Joe Lui 

Assistant Director: Adriane Daff

Featuring: Nicola Bartlett, Arielle Gray, Nick Maclaine & Tim Watts 

Marketing + Publicity: Jamie Breen (Very Serious)