Image by Cameron Etchells

Past Dates

PRICE TAG premiered in January at THE BLUE ROOM THEATRE as part of the Summer Nights Program for Perth Fringe World Festival 2017.


How do you determine the price you're willing to pay?

How much would you pay for a carton of milk? A dairy farmer's livelihood? The life of an animal? How much would you pay for a bottle of wine? A joy ride in a new car? A stranger's life? How much would you pay for a successful first date? A condom? An affair? A divorce?

Written by award-winning theatre maker Jeffrey Jay Fowler (FAG/STAG, ELEPHENTS, SECOND HANDS, MINNIE & MONA PLAY DEAD), PRICE TAG uses acerbic wit and razor sharp insight to follow four characters deciding the prices they’re willing to pay in a world where the economy’s broken and the table’s rigged in the game of love.

A witty new exploration of life’s ‘costs’ and the true prices we pay, by theatre sensations The Last Great Hunt.


Presented with The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights and Originally Commissioned by All Saints College

Written and Directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Sound Design by Brett Smith

Performed by Gita Bezard, Nick Maclaine, Jo Morris and Mararo Wangai