The Crossing

Image by Jamie Breen ( Very Serious )

Image by Jamie Breen (Very Serious)


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Power isn’t free.

Stella is a corporate fixer. She moves behind the headlines and champagne receptions of the fast-paced corporate world, making sure the right jobs are done and the wrong ones are buried so deep that no one would ever find them. But what price will she pay to get the job done?

The Crossing enters the dark space in-between the rich and powerful, where the real deals are done and the past lurks behind every corner.

Created by an award winning team including writer Finn O’Branagain (The Epic), director Kathryn Osborne (Minnie & Mona Play Dead, Elephents) and featuring Nick Maclaine (Old Love, Between Solar Systems).

A new work of noir cabaret by indie sensation The Last Great Hunt.

About Director Kathryn Osborne:
"One of our best young theatre directors" - The West Australian (2014)

The Creative Team:

Created by: Kathryn Osborne and Finn O’Branagain
Directed by: Kathryn Osborne
Written by: Finn O’Branagain
Music composed by: Elliott Hughes
Musical Director: Johannes Luebbers
Designed by: Sally Phipps
Performed by: Nick Maclaine, Erin Jay Hutchinson, Katherine Langford and Jackson Vickery