The Irresistible

Photo by David Collins

Photo by David Collins

Presented by Side Pony Productions and The Last Great Hunt

Upcoming Dates:

PICA Performance Space

14th till the 24th of June 2017


Let’s begin with two people.

Deep in the gloom a phone rings. They take the call. The voice on the line slips beneath her skin and curls its fingers around his stomach. You can’t see it, you can’t touch it, you can barely feel it. You can’t hold on tight enough.

These people, these sisters and lovers and pilots and brothers are joined deep beneath the surface, below knowledge, down where desire and depravity lie. The line goes dead and these two people catch a glimpse of what’s to come, as it retreats back into the fog.

A new work from Side Pony Productions (The Confidence Man, The Pride) and The Last Great Hunt (Falling through Clouds, The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer), The Irresistible is a reckless, intoxicating love letter to the subconscious.

Creative Team

Writers Zoe Pepper, Adriane Daff & Tim Watts

Performers Adriane Daff & Tim Watts

Designer Jonathon Oxlade

Composer Ash Gibson Greig