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An Exclusive Group, Guiding Us to Greatness

Our 2019 Navigators


Alice Jorgensen       Nikki Kerridge       Sam Rees       Ryan Taaffe       Maurice and Kay Brand       Fletcher Brand   

Linda Savage & Household Natalie & Luke Pollard   Marilyn Fowler

Simone Brand       Sasha Gardner       Jess Fowler        Delys and Alan Newman       Denise and Peter Stransky

Introducing the Navigators. 

Drawing on their passion for the arts, their life experience, networks, and expertise, the Navigators help to guide our young company as we continue on our way to being a major, sustainable contributor to Western Australia’s cultural landscape.

The Navigators concept offers a new type engagement with one of Australia's most exciting and globally renowned theatre company. Being a Navigator will get you close to the action through special events, meet and greets with artists and staff, and special mementos from our overseas and national tours.

You'll also get a chance to help. This might include the occasional phone call to see if you can help solve a problem, a coffee with a Hunter or a member of staff, special exclusive events and talking about us in your network. You will be one of our closest supporters, with recognition and special access to this vital and thrilling Perth company.

It's an informal but very important role in our company. Each Navigator is different. 

The minimum financial contribution to become a Navigator is $1,000 a year.

Take your engagement with the arts to a new level. Become a Navigator by donating TODAY.

To become a Navigator, all you need to do is make your donation (minimum of $1,000 for a 12 month period) and we will be in touch to discuss whether you wish to be considered to join The Navigators. We look forward to speaking with you.