Image by Cameron Etchells

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More than just the birds and the bees.

Think back to when you had ‘The Talk’ (you’ve probably tried to forget it). Maybe your mother told you to “be careful”. Maybe your teacher told you to “abstain”. You felt prepared, right?

Eva is 15 and all she wants is answers. No more condom demonstrations or close-up slides of chlamydia. She needs honesty, and she’s not afraid to get it. 

One petition, one riot and one school suspension later, Eva sets out on her own quest to discover just what it is that everyone is hiding.

Written by Gita Bezard (The Advisors, Girl Shut Your Mouth) this hilarious and pointed new show from The Last Great Hunt holds up the fears of the adults against the questions of the teenagers. This is: The Talk. 


Written by Gita Bezard
Starring: Cassidy Dunn, Megan Hunter and Christina Odam
Set and Costume Design by Rozina Suliman
Lighting Design by Karen Cook
Sound Design and Musical Arrangement by Ben Collins
Subiaco Arts Centre season Stage Management by Liz Newell

This project has been supported by the City of Subiaco and the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.